Hey, there and welcome back to another articals on this channel today will be special as I have two surprises for you. We will talk about five other great upcoming NFT projects which are launching soon. And this time I actually secured white spots for this community, not only for one project, I secured spots for two of them and for one, even 50 spots. Yes, you heard right? Not five. On top of that, I also have some news regarding my discord, which you guys have been waiting for for quite a while and also has now a final release date. And yeah, there are many interesting things to talk about today, so definitely stick around until the end of this video. I would say, let's not waste any more time, and let's get right into this first project. This is actually G and S, which stands for generative nature, synthetic species, and this is actually not that much hype. The project so far is that we have seen here only only 4000 followers, but therefore we have one certain follower which artifact studios and you guys probably all know our studios. This was actually the collection or, yeah, deep brand, which was acquired by Nike in December. And if we take a look at the artist, we can see that he is also a mad scientist at Artifact Studios. He has also a larger following of 40k.

And if we take a look at these artist pieces, in my opinion, I've never seen something like this before. Each image is actually unique, and if we scroll down, we can actually see that this guy has been working on this since quite a while. So we can just skip a little bit down here and also see him where he was producing everything we can see. And actually, yeah, right here in September. His first sketches also right here, where he was developing anything in September. So there definitely was time involved for this whole whole project. And if we take a look at. Yeah, definitely something unique, in my opinion, where the the art stands for itself. And if we take a closer look at the artist himself and we can also see many people and also some recognizable brands, for example, here we can see flash forward, we can see artifacts as we can see, OpenSea. Opensea is also following him right there, and Park, who is also a great artist. I also made a video about before. And yeah, regarding the project, we can see there will be no wait list. So this will be probably an exclusive drop. And I can't say how this whole thing will develop, but I thought I will share it with you as I think, yeah, the community and also the the art behind it is quite unique.

If you want to see more about the project, I will definitely give you the link to the project in the description down below. With that, having said, let's get to the second project and this is actually the women of crypto. And yeah, I know we don't have many women projects in the NFT space, and this is also confirmed if we take a quick look at my analytics of my YouTube channel. There you can also see that the NFT space is mainly dominated by men. So far, we can see right here ninety four percent are male and only six percent are female. I think there is definitely much more space to improve that, and therefore such projects are probably a good indicator, a good start and to start something like that. And of course, we have also some interesting people here, of course, Seneca and all great name in this space. If you've been awhile from now, you probably know him. And here also OpenSea, which is, yeah, the second project now in a row, which is followed by OpenSea. Definitely a good sign, in my opinion. And yeah, if we take a closer look at the art itself, we can also see it is the first 3D project for girls and we have also been seeing, of course, world of women. This is the other main project also, in my opinion, Blue-Chip project we have with a women collection so far and we have a floor price of over seven Eve.

And of course, also Gary, we was pushing this project kind of bid. And also we had Logan Paul, who also sold, I think, one of the most expensive world of women NFT so far. And so they might also be the chance that Gary, we might pick up this project. We will see. I actually took a closer look also at the website, which was quite clean so far, and they have many things planned. And one important thing also is that there will be a, for example, here a man in crypto drop as well for each holder. And yeah, we can also see the founder. Amy is also dux right here. I actually reached out to them and also talk to Amy personally. And yeah, they actually have many things planned, and they also want to encourage to get more female people into the NFT space, which I personally do like. This was also one reason why I decided to include this project in today's video. But on top of that, I also have another reason, and this is one of the surprises. Actually, Amy was kind enough to actually sponsor 50 white spots for this community, only this is actually the largest amount of white spots our community has received so far. That's why I decided actually to combine it also with the release of my Discord channel.

You guys have been waiting for it for quite a while, and that's why it will also show you how you can engage actually your hands on one of these white spots. And therefore, I will show you how you can actually get access for this private discord group. And yeah, I used actually paid around as I saw many people using Patreon in the NFT space as well. And we have actually three different tiers. And I will just give you a quick overview what you can actually expect. And we have actually three tiers. The lowest tier is actually called phish and should be probably affordable for everyone in this space. And yeah, you will get this access also in the NFT calendar with upcoming drops and. So some other templates which are yeah, just basically right there, if you now actually want to get one of these white spots and therefore we have these charts where you will on top also have some, yeah, sell alerts from Wales I've been following for quite a while now as well. Also, they are personal buys and of course, these white spots giveaways. So whenever I will get another project handing me out a couple of white spots, then this will be actually given away first in my discord. And yet the whale then actually will be also only four or five people because for them, I actually want to give them some of priority treatment.

So they actually get always the first access to the white lists what I have. So actually, once they are so old, they also will always receive their priority access to the white list and the other ones will then actually go to the sharks. So I actually followed. Why not reward the first 50 people who are actually entering the discord as a shark or a whale with these 50 spots for women of crypto? Therefore, you will get also a quick insight into this core group. As you can see right here, it is everything set up so far, the way section for priority support, etc. And then you will actually, when you enter this discord, I'm just put in a message here in white response that you are actually still in and I just know who the first 50 people were. So this is actually everything you need to know if you want to enter it, this private discord. But of course, the one thing I forgot when will this be launching? I will release the link to this Patreon on my Twitter on Sunday, the 30th of January at 7pm UTC. So definitely don't miss out on that. And also, this will be a one time offer as I will increase the price for it afterwards as I just want to reward the people who have been waiting for it now quite a while.

And therefore I thought I will give this small gift in return. So definitely stick around on Sunday if you want to get in on that. And with that, having said, let's get back to the other projects and the next one is actually big cats and big cats. You may have already not heard about it. This is actually one with great design, also three d, and if we take a closer look, we can see, yeah, this is sharp as hell on my computer at least. And yeah, they also just have a discord so far. And this actually reminded me of the other projects I've been talking about as well, which is actually kiddy crypto gang. And yeah, they are actually launching tomorrow when I release that. And yeah, they have also a huge following, and they actually had this pretty similar designs, in my opinion. And therefore, we have another project now which is now actually more referring to these lions, tigers and neo parts, et cetera. And definitely one. I'm also looking out for just art wise. And yeah, we've got haven't said we get to the next project and this is actually Elysium Club. And this is also the second project where I have white spots for and this actually a project which reached out to me to be honest.

And yet they don't have a huge following. They only are followed by failure so far, and there is definitely not much hype behind them. But I decided to include it into this video as they have a really interesting utility behind it, and this is also connecting the real life. That's what I always yeah, personally like when it comes to the future of NFT is that they also include some, yeah, real life benefits, and that's actually what they are doing. They have like a special club like such a Soho club, and you can say where you have access, for example, to certain luxury apartments. Also get some free private jet flights, et cetera, in the long run, of course. And then on top of that, also you will get immediate access to Priority Pass, where you can get in lounges on different kind of airports. I have it myself with the Amex card. This will actually be, yeah, released as soon as you hold this NFT, and that's also what you can, for example, see on the website right here. This is the priority pass right there. And yet you find more information about the dream. They have actually only six thousand eight hundred eighty eight NFTs releasing. And yeah, one thing which is always important to me is that also, of course, when it comes to such a project, also people are behind it.

They are actually dogs. And I also talk personally to this guy, and I discussed it a little bit as I just wanted to know how this whole thing is going to work out as I've just wanted to do a due diligence and also, yeah, get more info about how they actually planning it. And I'd actually and actually can say that they are definitely have the resources to do it. But of course, with this utility, the price for the NFT will be much higher. And then this actually, we have a wait list price of zero point three and a public price of zero point six. They will actually release pretty soon. And that's why I think this will probably not be for everybody, and I'm not sure if they actually will sell out as they have purchased such a high price for many people. And on the second, also not that much hype behind it yet, but I definitely think this project and for utility side of you is definitely something I'm looking out for, as well as I'm just a fan of projects which actually start right off with the utility in real life. So, for example, if you want to profit from this utility as well, then I definitely recommend to also get on the white list for them. I will also do a Twitter giveaway and as soon as this video releases.

But of course, it's always keep in mind I'm no financial advisor, always do your own research and make your own financial decisions. Yeah, with that, having said, let's get to this last project of today and this is actually another a project. This is gaming a club and they also have a 3D project. So definitely, I think today we had almost only 3D projects so far. And yeah, they have actually a great hide behind it, have many people following so far. The discord of them is actually also quite interesting, and they only have a limited four or open for thirty thousand members. So if you want to know more about it, definitely take a look at that. I'm already, so I definitely think if you're interested in it, take a look. I think my opinion when it comes to the art. Yeah, good. Like all the other spotlights say how they will create the hype behind it. And that having said, this was already the end of this video. As always, I'm curious about your opinion about these projects. Let me know in the comments below. And also, don't forget if you want it to get in on the white spots of women of crypto and join for this discord on Sunday. Yeah, that having said, thank you guys for reading you and see you in the next artical. Bye bye.

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