How to Buidl and Sell an NFT (A NFT Tutorial)

Hello everyone, this is Mingxin, your personal Crypto consultant. NFT stands for non-fungible token. It's an alien esque term that I don't like saying aloud, but you can think of it as a digital certificate of authenticity, and real life. classic works of art, antiques, and other historical items are often sold at auctions with the receipt certifying that they are genuine, and NFT serve the same purpose. But for digital items, they allow gifts videos, JPEGs, mp3 and just about any other file format to be certified as one of a kind. This technology enables a new kind of ownership for digital files that wasn't previously possible to now that we know a little more about NFT's and what can be an NFT. Let's go step by step through the process of creating and listing your first NFT for sale and you won't need any crypto experience to do this. So there's going to be four steps today.

First, we're going to set up a new crypto wallet. This is where we'll store the Ethereum cryptocurrency that is used to pay the fees that are associated with putting in NFT for sale.

Second, we're going to buy a little bit of the Ethereum cryptocurrency you'll need this to cover those fees I just mentioned.

Third, will connect your new crypto wallet to one of the popular NFT marketplaces. You'll use your wallet to authenticate everything you do to keep us secure.

And then fourth, we'll actually go through the process of listing your art and turning it into an NFT.

Okay, so we're starting out here in the iOS App Store, and I'm on the rainbow Ethereum wallet. Now there are tons of different wallets you can use to buy NFT's and to store the Ethereum crypto coin. So for this tutorial, today, I'm using rainbow because I find this wallet to be super simple. It's where I got my start. And I'm still using it to this day. But I actually did a full write up on how to create your own NFT. Over on the complaint website, I'll drop a link to that down in the description. I go over some other wallets there. So if you're not comfortable with this one, you want to try something else. There's definitely a lot of options out there. But we are using Rambo for this tutorial today. So I've got I've already downloaded this app. So I'm just going to tap open here from the App Store. And I'm going to go right into the wallet. So I just created a new wallet called cupping. And it's super simple right here inside the app, it uses Apple Pay to cover transactions. So you can just tap any of these buttons $50 $100 to 50 and add Aetherium right into your account. So I would recommend starting with around $100 If you are planning to mint and create your own new NFT. Now I know that sounds like a lot cuz it is. But currently there are pretty high fees associated with making new NFT's it's something else I go over in that article link in description. But yeah, $100 should be enough to get you covered for your first NFT. These gas fees fluctuate all the time. But they have been quite high lately with a lot of the excitement around this technology. So you'll want to start out by buying around $100 worth of Aetherium. Now you can just use Apple Pay to immediately cover this and have it sent into your wallet. If you're on Android, I'm not entirely sure what the payment method is. But I know there is a rainbow wallet available for Android. and the standard payment methods you'd use an Android should apply there as well. So start here in the rainbow wallet and add some Aetherium into your account. Now that your crypto wallet is all set up, we are ready to actually link it to one of the NFT marketplaces where you can buy, sell and create your own NFTs. So for this demo, today, I'm going to show you how to do this on a bearable calm. This is one of the most accessible NFC marketplaces, there's no invite required, and it's very easy to get started. This is where I created my first NFT. So we'll head over to I'll drop a link in the description. And once you're on this main page, you'll just click this connect button up in the corner.

It'll take you to this screen where you have a bunch of different wallet connections. You'll see here there's like Fort Matic wallet connect wallet link. So these are all different apps that connect different crypto wallets to their marketplace. If you're using the rainbow wallet that I suggested in the first step, then we're going to use wallet Connect. But if you're using a different wallet, you may need to further explore which one of these options is best for you. So I'll start by clicking wallet connect here and it's going to bring up this QR code. So I will just go into my rainbow app and I'll slide over to this screen that shows the camera and I'll just go over that QR code and there it says Rareble wants to connect your wallet. So I'll just tap Connect. And you'll see here right as I tap Connect, I'm now logged in to my Rareble account, it's automatically created an account that's linked to my wallet only So from here, we can actually move on and start to buy or create our first NFT. So for the part, we've all been waiting for how to actually turn a piece of content into an NFT. So I'm here in the complaint Studio editor, and I'm on an image that I actually made for the NFT article I recently wrote. So this is a pretty simple project, it's a couple image layers, some text, a nice gradient, and the background complaint is actually a great option for creating NFT's because it enables you to simply create all kinds of content, whether it be an image like this one, a GIF, a video, all kinds of content that can be turned into NFT's can be made and complaining. So definitely go check us out link in description as well. So I have this NFT graphic that I made for my article. And I want to download this now and take it over to wearable and meant it as my first NFT. So my first NFT will quite literally be my graphic of an NFT. So I'll click export image here and compiling. And that takes me to the screen where I can now download my content. So I'll click download. And now I've got a copy of this image saved to my hard drive. So we'll switch back over to referable. Now, and once you're cited, you should see this Create button up here in the corner. So I'm going to click Create. And now we have a selection to make do I want to meant this NFT as one of one like the only version of this image that's available on the blockchain that can be bought and sold, or do I want to make a few copies of it, maybe it's one of 10, maybe it's one of 70. So for the sake of rarity, and you know, making this a true one on one, I'm just going to select single here. Now this next page is very similar to you know, the upload screens you've seen in other apps, it's it's very familiar, it's kinda reminds me of uploading a video on YouTube. So I'll just click here to upload my file may find it, there it is select it and upload it. And then it kind of shows you a thumbnail of it here. And then you can start to make some other selections, you can you know, choose whether or not you want to put it on sale, or just create it as an NFT to keep in your own crypto Wallet. So I'm going to put it on sale, I can set an instant sale price, you can kind of think of this as like a buy now price that you'd see on eBay, this is the price that I'd want for somebody to immediately be able to purchase it. If I don't select that, then it does just go to a regular auction where people make bids, and I could choose to accept them or not. And then you could also if you've created a really rich piece of content, do this unlock when purchased option. And that allows you to link to maybe like a website or a Dropbox or something where people can download like a high quality version of the file or get some other you know, special extras that come with the NFT maybe like a video of you creating it or you know, some more background about how it was made. And those are kind of nice little extras to bundle in. So I don't have any of those to offer. So I'm just going to go in and it'll ask you know, put a name put a description. So I'll say NFT token. And for the description, I'll say what I imagine an NF T looks like, then you'll see down here this royalties selection, this is actually really cool. So you can set a royalty amount and then any time this NFT is sold in the future to someone else, you will actually receive this percentage of a royalty of that sale. This is one of the things that makes NFT's really special for creators is that they can continue profiting off their work well after they've sold it for the first time something that you know doesn't really happen to the traditional art world. So usually you see royalties of around 10 to 30%. So I'll set this around 20%. And now that I have all my information entered here, I'll just click Create Item.

And then next, it's actually going to send a request to my rainbow wallet to accept this transaction. So if I go into rainbow here, and I scroll over, you'll see here it is it's got the transaction request to go ahead and create this NFT I haven't bought any Aetherium. So it says that my balance is too low. And then you can see down here at the bottom of the screen, you have the network feed that's going to be associated with actually going and, you know minting this NFT today. So yeah, you'll just complete the transaction right here in your wallet and then back on screen, it'll actually, you know start to do the rest of the process and maintain it. So once you've actually mented your content and paid for all the fees, this is what its gonna look like you'll see it right here on grabbable. It's got a full transaction history, you can view bids that are placed on it, and it's now live and you're able to do it in just a few minutes. And that's how you create your first NFT we started by making a new crypto wallet next we bought some Aetherium and then we linked our wallet to an NFT marketplace like variable.comFinally we uploaded our content and minted it into an NF t. Now there's a lot more that could be said about crypto art and NFT's but I'm going to leave it there For now, if you found this video helpful today, please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel. And NFTS are still in their infancy. And I think there's a lot more tutorials that we could do on them in the future. So getting your feedback and hearing whether or not this stuff is helpful is great and it helps us out a lot. Thanks so much for reading.

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